Desktop Publishing (DTP) Print


Increasingly clients wish to have their documents translated, but with an additional benefit - they want to preserve the formatting of the original in the translated version. Often the original comes to the translator in a DTP format. The objective is to provide the client the same quality translation service, but additionally, in the same DTP formatting as the source document. This development has caused translation companies to become increasingly capable in DTP technologies.

SP is glad to consult with clients about questions of typographical design and layout, as well as localization issues (like currency, time and date, units of measurement, etc.). If going from a source to a target language that involves a change in the direction of the text (as from, say, English
to Arabic) or the volume of the text (for example, Chinese to Spanish), some adaptations in the layout of the pages may be required. In the accomplishment of a DTP translation project, SP always works closely with the client at various points in the process.